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Anti Damp Treatment

Damp Prevention Contractors..

Specialist Restoration Services are registered damp prevention contractors and approved contractors with BioKil Crown, manufactures of Dryzone anti damp products.

Our remedial damp proof course treatment involves installing a chemical damp proof course using Dryzone DPC cream, which is installed by pattern drilling the appropriate mortar course at the base of the wall and injecting into the masonry substrate.

Dryzone dpc cream is not injected under pressure, it is simply introduced into the wall under hand pressure and allowed to diffuse into the mortar course thus forming a new dpc course.

Advantages of Dryzone over conventional chemical injection:

  • Quick to install – No ‘double-drilling’, no waiting for fluids to soak in under pressure.
  • Easy to install – Less chance of installer error.
  • Concentrated Formulation – Dryzone has over 60% active ingredient so does not require large volumes to be introduced.
  • Low Hazard – Unlike most pressured injection solutions Dryzone is non-caustic, non-flammable solution.
  • Spillage Elimination – limited problem of any fluid passing through a party wall.
  • Our expert staff are on call ready to advise you with the best and most cost effective solution to your damp problem.

All of our completed damp works carry a fully warranted guarantee.

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