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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

The Complete Repair Solution..

Specialist Restoration Services are approved installation contractors for all Twistfix Cavity Cem-tie renovation systems.

Cavity walls are commonplace in buildings erected since the 1910’s, and were initially designed to improve protection from varying extreme weather conditions, improve the thermal efficiency of the property and provide a barrier against any external damp.

A cavity walls consist of two walls, fixed together at set intervals with a metal wall tie. In the recent past these older ties have started to deteriorate more rapidly than initially thought, this has led to many properties now experiencing issues such as wall building, masonry or mortar breakdown and, in the extreme, possible wall collapsing.

A simple survey of the property and the cavity wall using specialist equipment will show if your property is suffering from any form of wall tie failure and our expert staff can recommend the best type of repair to be completed. Once the new cem-ties have been installed the wall regain its original strength and durability with the original aesthetic appearance of the building.

The cem-tie repair and renovation system uses a high tensile helical stainless steel bar specially manufactured by Twistfix Limited. The bars are then secured into place within the masonry joint using either HeliBond, (a cementitious grout), CrackBond resin or ExpoxyPlus resin. The Twistfix repair systems provide cost-effective solutions to any structural issues, restoring structural integrity and load bearing capacities back into your building.

Specialist Restoration Services provide a complete design and repair solution, with our expert service throughout the process you can rest assured you problems are in capable hands.

All of our completed structural renovation works carry a fully warranted guarantee.

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