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Condensation Control

Condensation Management Systems..

As all local authorities and private landlords know the main cause of condensation is blamed on modern living methods.

Water in the air can come from a variety of activities within the home, for example:

  • Washing, machine and by hand.
  • Drying clothes, on clothes horses.
  • Radiators or tumble dryer.
  • Cooking, including boiling kettles.
  • Baths and showers

All houses will suffer from some form of condensation from time to time, severe condensation is also a very common problem, particularly in cold weather, and not only found in older solid wall houses. As well as water streaming down the windows onto window sills water may collect directly on walls especially behind large pieces of furniture and curtains.

If wood, wallpaper and plaster are badly affected they will be permanently damp and mould will start to grow (usually black spot mould). Over a prolonged period wood will rot and plaster will become perished.

The cure for condensation is finding the correct balance of ventilation and heating, this is often difficult to obtain due to modern appliances and /or modern living.

Specialist Restoration Services can provide various solutions from passive vents to humidity-stat extractors to full environmental management systems.