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Twistfix Wall Tie Installations

Remedial Masonry Stabilisation..

Specialist Restoration Services are approved installation contractors for all Twistfix and Helibeam renovation solutions.

Specialist Restoration Services can install a unique range of stress free masonry reinforcing remedies along with application methods that provide a cost effective, concealed, non-disruptive solution for many forms of remedial masonry stabilisation.

  • Crack Stitching
  • Lintel Repairs
  • Structural Helibeam Installations
  • Expansion Joints
  • Lateral Restraints
  • Remedial Wall Ties

The Twistfix repair and renovation system uses a high tensile helical stainless steel bar specially manufactured by Twistfix Limited. The bars are then secured into place within the masonry joint using either HeliBond, (a cementitious grout), CrackBond resin or ExpoxyPlus resin. The Twistfix repair systems provide cost-effective solutions to any structural issues, restoring structural integrity and load bearing capacities back into your building.

Specialist Restoration Services provide a complete design and repair solution, with our expert service throughout the process you can rest assured you problems are in capable hands.

All of our completed structural renovation works carry a fully warranted guarantee.

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